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Posted on 18 January 2017

Rebecca Joseph


Rebecca Joseph grew up on the beautiful islands of New Zealand and started her working career as a Trading Floor Secretary and quickly moved into Interior Design before finding jewellery. Now living in London, Rebecca struggled to find peace and solace in her hectic urban life...that's until she discovered Yoga! Yoga has helped to offer her sense and reasoning to the insanities of modern life and after searching far and wide for jewellery that matched her stylistic needs she soon became the mastermind behind the beloved #YogaBunny

We managed to interrupt Rebecca's hectic lifestyle and spent a good few minutes chatting about her journey into jewellery and her plans for the future. 


Yoga Bunny Necklace


Was there a major event in your life when you realised that you wanted to make jewellery/accessories?

There were several components that all came together within a couple of days.  I had just finished my yoga retreat in Goa and chatting with some new-found-besties about why people call us yoga bunnies. I thought this was such a cute and humorous term of endearment. And, the next morning whilst cycling to a jewellery workshop, where I was getting some personalized jewellery made. I thought ‘ Yoga Bunny’ Jewellery. Boom!


Contour Necklace - Yoga Bunny - WarriorWhat was the first piece that you created? How have your designs evolved since then? 
The first piece was the contour pendant, a cut out of the bunny in various warrior poses.  It happens to be the best seller too. I evolved it an embossed smaller charm with gemstones and becoming a charm bracelet.  





Does your local city/town influence your designs? If so, how? 

My local city London which I think does, I have designed a jewellery range which is relatively minimal, elegant and with a touch of boho.  I find Londoners like small cult pieces that reflect a piece of themselves.


Can you remember selling the first item that you made? How did you feel?

Absolutely, there was my very first, which was to my Mum, so that was lovely, but the first sale to an unknown customer was a huge high.  To be honest, every sale is so big to me.  I hope that always stays.  I wrap every parcel with love and gratitude and hope the customer feels it.

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What stages do you go through to create a new piece?

We would love to know your thought process.  I am an interior designer so I go into designing jewellery with a similar process.  I don’t do anything for pure aesthetics, everything I do has a reason and a function or meaning.  I start with the idea, which can come from anything.  I work on it to see if it sticks or not, firstly.  Then I draw it in autocad, think of it in scale, on a person by cutting out the design in paper.  I look at inspirational images to see gem stones, clasps, findings.  My manufacturers make it in 3D for me to comment, then samples are photographed, still more comments, then the real samples come, maybe more adjustments.  It takes about 4 months for the whole process, from an idea to seeing the final samples, then more time for photography etc.   


Other than your own work, what is your most prized possession and why? 

My interior design portfolio, it is my own work but it’s because it is my whole career in a capsule, it is a huge achievement, and some of these projects take several years to complete.  I feel myself changing & maturing as a designer in each project.


Take us through your "typical" day at the workshop/studio/office…

I try and start with a short run, get some circulation flowing. The morning is when I communicate with my lovely manufactures in Rajasthan. I’ve met them so many times it is always lovely talking with them. Then it will be sitting at the desk, drawing / answering emails etc, Often ½ the day is spent meetings on site with clients or main contractors.  Then in the evening I will work on my social media or new designs for the jewellery.  Juggling two companies is time consuming.

 Yoga Bunny's Charm Bracelet


What part of the day do you look forward to?

6.30…Wine or Yoga time.


If you could see any person in the world wearing your designs, who would it be and why? 

Anybody that wanted to smile.  A person that wants to be reminded of their yoga or spiritual side in their life.  Anybody from Cara Delevingne, who is very spiritual to my friends that do yoga. 


Cara Delevingne Yoga  Photo Credit:


If you could choose one designer to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Stella McCartney. Because I love her unique edgy designs, but also her depth and spirituality.  She’s a very strong creative woman.


What has been the highlight for your brand so far?

Getting into Grazia’s Christmas Gift Guide.


If you could reach a huge milestone for your brand in the next year, what would it be?

To partner with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  I am passionate about the wildlife and trying to help, This charity looks after orphaned baby elephants.  I am planning on doing a collection based on it.


What is the most important lesson you have learnt as an entrepreneur? 

Too many lessons. But, I have learnt a good one this week, follow your gut, sooner or later you will know why.

 Yoga Bunny's Disc Necklace


What would we find in your bag right now?

Samples of my new collection, wallet, tape measure and always a lipstick. 


What item can you not live without and why?

My phone, I can’t live without it, not because of the tangible object, but the connection to my family in NZ and my friends.


Sum up your personality in 3 words?

Kind, Driven, Grateful.


What is your favourite song right now?

Ed Sheeran’s Lego House.


Describe your perfect weekend…

with my friends in the French countryside.  Tennis, cooking, sharing stories, listening to music.  Being this age, it’s the simple things that I am so grateful for. 


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