The Edit: Quirky Jewellery Designs

Posted on 11 October 2017


Since starting The Pommier, we've been overwhelmed by the talented, creative, weird and wonderful designers that we've met who are committed to bringing something truly unique into the world. The quest for innovation and individuality produces beautiful and unusual results, so we've made a list of our favourite quirky jewellery designs.





Tadam! create food-inspired pieces of quirky jewellery that are simply delicious to look at. The brand are fascinated by the way that food imagery has become such a huge feature of our daily lives due to social media and internet advertising. This Green Pea Pod with a Dip of Gold looks just like the real thing, and is handcrafted from clay using high-quality materials.






Sometimes you just can’t beat the simple things in life. BUG's nostalgic designs capture the essence of everyday Britishness, transforming household items and food into quirky jewellery designs that encourage a tongue and cheek attitude towards fashion.





Ecrannium seeks to show undiscovered beauty while finding inspiration in the world of fantasy. These quirky jewellery designs transform items normally associated with darkness into beautiful objects. Inspired by a dragon, we particularly love this necklace because it reminds us of the River Thames.






Edge Only is luxury jewellery with an edge. It’s for people who aim to bring their personal style to everything that they do. In solid gold and sterling silver, these quirky jewellery designs are created for men and women to reflect individual style. After all, real style has no gender. We love how these screw earrings look and feel like the real thing at first glance.






Bijoux De Famille was founded by French designer Julie Pasquet with the vision of injecting humour into contemporary jewellery. These quirky jewellery designs combine iconic faces from the world of fashion with playful illustration. Printed on leather and placed on gold, this is one way to turn heads for all the right reasons.




Which one of our quirky jewellery designs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or share on Facebook or Twitter!



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