The Great Escape: Brighton-inspired summer festival essentials

Posted on 19 May 2017


The Great Escape is one of the most important dates on the new music calendar, showcasing 400 emerging artists from all over the world in thirty venues across Brighton. With a backdrop of one of the most creative cities in the UK, the festival is the place to discover your new favourite artist and see them in smaller setting before they go on to headline major festival stages and arena tours. The weekend also marks the official start to festival season in the UK. The Alternative Escape runs alongside the festival, featuring secret gigs, club nights and spontaneous collaborations. These events are completely free of charge, which only adds to the fun, making this weekend one not to miss! 

Aside from the music, the festival is the perfect excuse to spend time in sunny Brighton. The city's university is home to one of the UK’s leading fashion courses, and it's undeniable that Brightonians  are among the most creative and diverse people in the UK.

When heading to any festival, it’s important to look the part. Here’s our selection of Brighton-inspired pieces that are sure to take your summer festival experience to the next level.



Even famous musicians need a place to keep their festival essentials. These leather bags from Dreams Code are ideal for carrying anything from your make-up bag to a hip-flask - perfect for sustaining your buzz long after last orders have been called at the bar! The embroidered detail on these beautiful bags is handmade by craftsmen in the Yunnan and Dali region, with the rest of the accessory being constructed in England. Anyone that's been to Brighton before will know that the lanes shopping district is full of independent leather merchants, so with one of these bags you're sure to fit right in.




There’s only one thing that can ruin any festival experience - losing your cards or cash. One minute you’re dancing away without the care in the world, and the next someone’s racked up a huge bill on your contactless card and you've got to spend the remainder of the time pestering your friends to lend you money. It’s not a good scenario, is it?

To avoid this series of unfortunate events, we recommend investing in a cardholder and carrying as little cash as possible. Available in an endless range of colours and textures, Daughter of Jon’s unisex cardholders are the perfect union of security and style.




Festivals can be hectic, and with over 400 performers in over 30 venues across the city, The Great Escape is no exception. Coordinating performance times can be tougher than even the trickiest sudoku puzzle, and sometimes sacrifices must be made. Therefore, a watch is an essential investment for a summer of festival-going. By combining contemporary design with retro nostalgia, Newgate Watches perfectly encapsulates the Brighton vibe.





If you aren’t lucky enough to be at the Great Escape this weekend, don’t worry, because even when it’s no longer festival season, there’s really no such thing as a boring weekend in Brighton. Still, summer is when the seaside paradise of the south really comes alive. If you’re thinking of getting out London for a few days of seaside relaxation - or a spot partying without the hassle of tubes and ubers - these unisex bracelets by Anchor & Crew are the perfect non-cliché way to embrace all-things nautical.



Are you heading to The Great Escape this weekend? Or any other summer festival? If so, let us in the comments know which of our products you'll be wearing, or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Facebook!




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