6 Unique Necklaces That You Need In Your Life

Posted on 08 August 2017

From contemporary conversation starters to sleek scandinavian pieces, discover 6 unique necklaces that we simply adore!




LUSASUL was founded in 2010 by designer Carmen Zambrano. The brand’s philosophy is that pieces of jewellery are wearable objects that enrich people’s lives as they experience the world. Giving the illusion that silver liquid is dripping down the wearer’s neck, this silver design is one of LUSASUL’s most unique necklaces - a true conversation starter!






Yasmin Everley is a young British designer based in London. Yasmin’s mother is also a jewellery designer, and working alongside her from a young age has had a huge impact on her design ethos, although it is her degree in Classical Studies that is her main source of inspiration. Inspired by the Latin alphabet, we love the way Everley has drawn on Art Deco influences to create this unique necklace.





There's really nothing better than the smell of bacon cooking in the morning after a few too many cocktails the night before. Well, that is, except from a streaky rasher coated in 22ct gold. If you love bacon, Goldie Rox's playful designs are the perfect way to prove your devotion. Other unique necklaces in her collection feature tomatoes, lettuce and burgers - perfect for foodies!






Did someone say donuts? Tadam!’s donut necklaces take Goldie Rox’s food theme in a sweeter direction. Our favourite of Tadam!’s unique necklaces is the classic chocolate donut design, but if that doesn’t wet your appetite, don’t worry, because these pieces are available in almost every combination of colour and flavour imaginable.






London-based jewellery designer Alice Bosc is inspired by architecture and contemporary art. With an emphasis on minimal aesthetics and premium, high-shine finishes, Bosc offers a range of beautifully crafted, sleek products. Set on a fine trace chain, this unique necklace features elegant and refined details that add to the subtlety of this graphic piece.






Maya Magal’s designs act as an exploration of line and form. Magal’s pieces are meant to be layered and mixed with other jewellery from her distinctive collections. This contemporary design features contrasting colours and subtle finishes, making it one of our favourite unique necklaces.



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