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Posted on 15 August 2016

It comes as no surprise that we’re keen fans of accessories to complete a look – a well chosen bracelet or an artfully selected ring can transform your style entirely – giving a subtle hint of drama to your daily understated uniform, or adding a bold splash for a dose of high fashion polish.

And when it comes to menswear, accessories are just as vital to an outfit, perfectly embellishing a dapper suit, or adding an upgrade to your weekend casual look. We’re thrilled to open our arms to some incredible new designers at The Pommier that bring a unique and stylish twist to men’s accessories. Read on to discover some of the most exciting new designers around, and start getting your wish list ready.


Lee Renee – The New Modern Elegance

Merging effortlessly sleek lines with fine metal and striking silhouettes, London-based designer Lee Renee creates a menswear collection that is consummately  contemporary: urban, polished and refined, with an understated resilience beneath the surface.

Oxidised silver turns up in rings and bracelets – detailed with intricate beading and given a dark, aged lustre for a more dramatic look.

Each piece carries its own narrative with it – unleash your more dramatic side with Shark Jawbone cufflinks – crafted from real shark bone and finished with a gleaming black pearl, these are instant conversation starters and the perfect partner to a classic tux.

Mens Ring Oxidised Silver Shark Jawbone and Black Pearl Cufflinks

Mad Men Jewelry – Make a Strong Statement

When the jewellery bug has been in you for years, it’s only inevitable that you’re going to come up with a concept that is strong, highly refined, and exuding with genuine personality.

And for Tomer Matityahu, the designer who created Mad Men Jewelry, the collection comes after a lifetime’s journey of inspiration, curiosity and discovery. All of these qualities filter in to create a line of jewellery for men that is decidedly strong, masculine and radiating with boldness.

Natural materials combine with distressed silver and toughened finishes to add an edgier touch to the brand’s evocative accessories, interweaving stories and mythic influences into original designs. A sterling silver helmet ring takes inspiration from medieval knights, reproducing traditional armour in extraordinary detail. While a sword shaped lapel pin brings an unusual element to a contemporary wardrobe – making a brilliant juxtaposition to a crisp, tailored suit.

Mad Men Jewelry is not just for formal get ups through – while cufflinks and lapel pins are a great way of enlivening your work wear, the brand’s pared down pieces are a fantastic addition to casual gear, giving your favourite beat-up tee a fashion-y feel with a hardy leather bracelet, or understated samurai beads.

Helmet Ring

Samurai Swords Beads Bracelet


Anchor & Crew – Seafaring Style

Take timeless British naval heritage and add a tough, industrial touch to up your fashion game. Anchor & Crew hand picks the best of classic British menswear trends, and re-invents them with a fresh new feel.

Rope bracelets and silver accessories evoke traditional craftsmanship – with the sharp edge of the sea.

Each piece reflects an iconic emblem from naval history – from the Union anchor bracelet to the light and versatile Kedge bracelet, they are a fantastic way of adding a bold piece of colour and stylised design to your daily wardrobe.

Union Rope Bracelet

Kedge Rope Bracelet


Edge Only – Luxury with an Edge

Polished, playful, and packed with off-beat humour, Edge Only redefines unique independent jewellery, with a luxury collection that is worlds apart from the grandiose baubles that don’t quite fit in with a more creative aesthetic.

Cast in sterling silver and 18ct gold, the brand creates well honed

As covetable as any high end piece of jewellery – but with a whole lot more distinctiveness added into the mix, Edge Only shows off accessories that have a distinct rock n’ roll vibe. Think plectrum lapel pins and glam rock lightening bolts, hashtag jewellery, and comic book-inspired earrings that pack a mighty punch.

The ideal finishing touch for every outfit, from the sharpest tailored suit to your favourite spray on jeans.

Pointed Lightening Bolt Lapel

Hashtag Lapel Pin

Jessica de Lotz – The Personal Touch

Choosing the right men’s accessories requires more than a little discernment – and Jessica de Lotz knows just how to give the personal touch to every piece. Inspired by history, antique fairs and hidden treasures unearthed from far-flung flea markets, her collection of personalised cufflinks add a subtle touch of individuality.

Taking a cue from 19th century wax seals, each piece is handcrafted and personalised with a monogram or inspiring emblem. With a hint of the surreal and whimsical to them, these beautifully crafted items are perfect for a special occasion.

A-Z Mini Personalised Cufflinks

Which men’s jewellery do you have your eye on?


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