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Anzu Jewelry

The Memento Mori Pendant Necklace



Moon disc necklace 23.5ct gold x oxidised silver


Vintouch Jewels

Bandana Skull Cameo Necklace


Anzu Jewelry

The Skeleton Oval Double Pendant Necklace


Anzu Jewelry

The Skeleton Ballchain Necklace


Anzu Jewelry

The Coral Vertical Box Necklace


Anzu Jewelry

The Branch Horizontal Box Necklace



Sun disc necklace 23.5ct gold x oxidised silver


Think Positive by Antonio Marsocci

Sterling Silver Diamond Balls Chain Necklace


Snake Bones Jewelry

Snake Pendant Necklace with Black Onyx Tusk


Gisele Ganne

Skull Pendants


Fauxward Jewellery

Raven Skull Dagger Necklace - Oxidised Silver


Fauxward Jewellery

Ornamental Skull Necklace - Black


Stephanie Bates

Lrg Kite Pendant

From £92.00 - £100.00

Stephanie Bates

Kite Pendant Med

From £65.00 - £70.00

Fauxward Jewellery

Greek Cross Necklace - Oxidised Silver

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