• Two finger chain ring in silver
  • Two finger chain ring in silver
  • Two finger chain ring in silver
  • Two finger chain ring in silver
  • Two finger chain ring in silver

Two finger chain ring in silver


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two finger ring made from sterling silver box chain and square wire

if not otherwise requested this ring comes with the chain polished and the wire in matte finish

Since this ring is made with chain it sits very comfortably on your finger.

Two finger rings require a more special measurement in order to fit you most comfortably. When you order this ring we will need four measurements from you as follows.
You should first pick the two fingers you would like to wear it on and measure those fingers individually. Then we suggest you measure both fingers closely together and make a second measurement with them as far apart as possible. Make all measurements at the base of your fingers where you will be wearing the ring. In total you should have four numbers. Please enter these at checkout under individual request or as message after you order.

due to the ring being made for your specific size it should not feel restraining or too lose - contact us if your are not satisfied with the fit

This product will be handmade for you after you order.


It comes in a white paper box and is ready to be gifted.


Care instructions:
As silver jewellery tends to tarnish when exposed to the air, it should be stored airtight when it is not worn.

The box chain used in the SOLIDLIQUID collection is pretty sturdy but since it is made of sterling silver which is a relativly soft metal it can give in. So if you bend or twist it too far it can loose its shape.

dry - rub with a silver cleaning cloth
wet - soak briefly with warm water and mild detergent and then dry off.
Be carfeul not to use hard brushes or rough sponges, otherwise the surface of the jewellery will get scratches!



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About The Designer

Hello, my name is Rebecca Wolf. I'm a jewelry designer.

For my label Rebecca Wolf Design I design jewellery and make it by hand in my workshop.

I published my first independent jewellery collection SOLIDLIQUID in November 2017 under my label Rebecca Wolf Design.

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