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A Wish Pink


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Glass adornment from the author's collection "A Wish”, hand-make glass item, within the “dried” dandelion fluff. Pendant, size 3cm x 3cm x 1,5cm, Silvered chain 78 cm 

Colour:  Pink

"a Wish" glass pendant, we offer a desire to create a Wish! Therefore, the dandelion fluff symbolizes the fulfilment of desire. Catch a Wish and be lucky! 

This unique pendant is designed by fashion designer Laura Daili. 

Every plant character is unique and is made individually by hand. Each piece of jewellery packed in a special silk paper shaped box with logo and this may be the perfect gift for your close person or a friend. 

Laura Daili exclusivity is a clear concept of it's purified and European quality, while the inspiration comes from nature and fills its minimal beautiful creations. 



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About The Designer

Daili is a Lithuanian fashion design brand. It was launched in 2003 and became famous for the clothing line, leather bags, and exceptional jewelry. Each season professional designer Laura Daili kicks up a new collection with its signature label style. Exclusiveness lies in our pure, minimalistic, Baltic like concepts.

Laura Daili collections have been displayed in different exhibitions and fashion shows around the world like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Lvov, Riga, Vienna, and Vilnius.

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