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LAGOM Watches was created as a celebration and elegant testament to the idea of striking a healthy balance in life and to truly appreciate the world around us.

The name “Lagom” reflects the beauty and simplicity of the Swedish living.

“Lagom” has long been a vital aspect deeply rooted in Scandinavian culture - the Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little,” “enough, sufficient, adequate and just right.”

In Hong Kong, moderation has never been “sexy”. As a society, Hong Kongers favor excess and life in the fast lane. Anxiety, impatience and a strong desire to avoid even the slightest delay appeared to be symptomatic of Hong Kong living. Life encompasses intense feelings of stress and total detachment from the present moment. From eating on the go to demanding jobs, hectic lifestyles can distract you from what is really important in life.

The word “Lagom” encapsulates the charming Swedish philosophy on everyday life,  that everyone should have enough but not too much.

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