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MATSOUR'I was created by Ilona Matsour who designs clothes in contemporary and unique styles. Their limited-edition collections are handmade in Berlin, with Ilona Matsour, who describes herself as a perfectionist, making sure that every one of her dresses is created exactly to her own specifications, right down to the very last cut. This attention to detail is reflected in her dreamlike creations. Not only does she allow herself to be inspired by current trends, but she also uses her own ideas in a complex manner.
Even as a child, she discovered that she is enthusiastic about fashion and beautiful dresses, because the right clothes for every occasion makes it even more emotional and unforgettable. MATSOUR'I dresses are only available in limited quantities. This makes it possible for ladies to feel very special when wearing a MATSOUR'I robe. With her collections, she presents elegant, feminine and festive dresses with trendy designs and beautiful details.

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