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At Nadjarina, we believe a wardrobe is a carefully curated gallery of your life, and the memories that string it together, and that style is something very personal to you, transcending season's trends.  

Nadjarina is the art of visual storytelling through fashion, and our hope is that resonates for you as you peruse our designs. 

They've set out to take the sophisticated, So-Cal ease of the West Coast and merge it with the bold confidence of New York City, resulting in a dynamic, progressive and truely bi-coastal influence to our aesthetic.

Their inspiration comes from the modern woman - she is the muse, the life-giver, a leader, paving her own way.  Nadjarina emerged from the desire to marry conceptual runway with functionality, to meet those chameleon-like needs of this modern woman. 

They create luxurywear that is bold and full of personality, with a focus on unexpected, luxe textures, in approachable and versatile silhouettes. Clothing as dynamic as the wearer. Each piece is intended to be loved, and evolve with the wearer.

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