• Dripping Oval Gold
  • Dripping Oval Gold
  • Dripping Oval Gold
  • Dripping Oval Gold
  • Dripping Oval Gold

Dripping Oval Gold

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Dripping Oval Earrings

Brass-Based and 18k Yellow Gold-Plated

Approximately 76mm (3in) High and 25mm (1in) Wide

Viscosity describes a fluid's resistance to flow. As the flow of dripping-hot metal solidifies, its viscosity is so high that it no longer flows and its flow is stuck in time. The Dripping designs are, in its purest essence, these precious moments we have captured in time for you. These bold and daring earrings are beautifully gold-plated and carefully polished to perfection. Gift wrapping and special customizations available upon request.



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About The Designer

Marie June Jewellery creates exclusively-handcrafted and 3D-digitally fabricated jewelry that inspires ingenuity, empowers individuality, and stimulates appreciation of the natural complexities we encounter, yet overlook, on a daily basis.

At Marie June Jewelry, no two pairs of jewels are the same. Each item is specially tailored for the respective customer. Our jewelry is made with heart and passion; with a little bit of curiosity, but mostly dedication.

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