9.1 Fees:

Depending on the terms noted within the sellers account or the terms of any other agreement the seller may have with The Pommier, The Pommier will either take a percentage or a set amount of the list price including shipping provided to The Pommier by the seller when an item sells. 

Should the seller use additional services or product features related to the sales of items through or in connection with The Pommier’s services (e.g., Marketing Membership, Retail Membership, etc.), these services or product features may be subject to certain additional or different fees as communicated by The Pommier. In the event The Pommier introduces a new service or product feature related to the sales of items through or in connection with The Pommier’s services, the fees for that service or product feature will be effective upon the launch of the service or product feature. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in Great British Pounds (GBP). 

In certain situations, including but not limited to a void or invalid transaction, The Pommier may issue a debit to a sellers billing statement for the applicable fees. 

Except as set forth in the Designers Terms and Conditions, you are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with using and selling on The Pommier.


9.2 Payments

Provided the seller is in compliance with the Terms of Service and other The Pommier policies, and excluding any amounts due to refunds to customers, fees applied to sellers accounts, fines issued against the seller, discretionary advances or advances made through payment processors, or other charges or amounts that The Pommier is entitled to offset against the seller (collectively, the “Charges”), the seller shall be paid the amounts noted below. 


9.2.1 Payment Amounts

Depending on the terms noted within the sellers account or the terms of any other agreement the seller may have with The Pommier, when an item sells, The Pommier will pay the seller either a percentage or a set amount of the listed product price plus the listed shipping price (combined) as provided to The Pommier by the seller.

More information on this may be found in The Pommiers Designer Terms & Conditions, at https://www.thepommier.com/pages/terms-conditions. Payments will be a net amount reflecting the sellers prices (listed product price and listed shipping price) less any Charges. 


9.2.2 Order Payment Eligibility

Your shipped transactions will be eligible for payment after 20 days from the date you fulfil the order in your dashboard with a valid tracking number as set out below or as otherwise communicated to you by The Pommier. Without limiting any other remedies, The Pommier may unilaterally decide to delay the remittance and withhold any amount payable to you until receiving the confirmation of delivery via its dashboard. Transactions that cannot be confirmed as shipped either by your tracking data or through our internal systems may be ineligible for payment. The Pommier will pay you for your eligible transactions once a month. 


9.2.3 Disbursements

The Pommier generally will disburse payments to sellers for their eligible transactions once a month. This disbursal schedule may change, at The Pommier’s reasonable discretion, if (a) the seller is not in compliance with the Terms and Conditions or these Fees and Payment policies, (b) the seller changes its payment provider during a payment cycle or has not provided the correct PayPal / Payment Provider in it's dashboard (c) the seller is involved in a third-party claim, legal proceeding, or governmental inquiry related to the seller’s use of the Services, (d) The Pommier reasonably suspects that the sellers account has security vulnerabilities, has been hacked, or otherwise has been compromised, or (e) The Pommier has communicated a different disbursal schedule to the seller. Upon making a payment disbursal to the seller, it may take 5 - 7 business days for the funds to arrive in your seller or your provider’s account. 


Sellers account balances available for disbursal are estimates based, in part, on certain information made available to The Pommier. The Pommier cannot guarantee that the disbursal amount made to the seller will be identical to the amount visible to the seller displayed as its account balance within its account, and The Pommier shall not be liable for any discrepancy between these two amounts. 


9.3 Paying Membership Fee's

The Pommier will automatically deduct membership, late payment or additional support fee's from the sellers chosen payment method via the Membership Manager section of their dashboard. 

Payment will be deducted on the 1st of every month.

If payment fails, we will try again on the 3rd of the month.

If payment fails on the 3rd of the month, the sellers account will be disabled temporarily pending payment and a £25 (admin) and 5% (interest) late fee will be applied to the sellers invoice and any discounts offered on pricing and terms will be withdrawn.

If payment is not made by 15th of the month, the seller will lose their right to pay for their membership in monthly instalments and a new invoice will be created for the remainder of your membership.

If payment is not made for the full membership by the last date of the same month we will forward your invoice to our third party debt collection partner in the sellers local country or city and your access to our systems and technology will be revoked permanently.

Please note; Third party debt collection partners may issue you with additional fee's outside of our control. Once the debt has been transferred to a third party debt collection partner, the seller must communicate with them and not The Pommier to resolve the issue.

In extreme cases of failure, The Pommier may issue legal proceedings to recover any debt on our behalf.


9.4 Credit Eligibility and Rating

Sellers wishing to choose to pay for their memberships in monthly instalments may be subject to a credit check. We may check your company or personal credit history to determine how much credit to allocate your account. We may also submit your ongoing payment history with The Pommier to Equifax, Experian and Credit Safe to demonstrate how you pay your credited invoices.

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