The Pommier offers sellers an affordable solution to advertise their products through bricks and mortar through the Retail Membership plans. Retail advertising is one of these most effective ways to get your brand in front of users who are looking to buy items without having to wait for shipping and by being able to touch and feel an item.

Advertising in our retail store has strict policies that sellers must adhere too at all times. 

8.1 Sellers must upload all items to our dashboard at least 1 week before advertising them in store.

If a seller does not upload items to our dashboard in time we are un able to advertise them for sale at anytime. You must prepare to advertise in store and give a reasonable amount of time of 1 week.


8.2 Sellers must be accurate and provide all information of the product when uploading as per our product listings guide

Advertising in store has the same processes as advertising online when it comes to product listings. Retail staff will use your products information to show to the user to allow them to make a decision on purchasing an item. We do not accept offers of "training" on selling items from brands at anytime.


8.3 Sellers must send all items and replacement items via the post.

When sending display items and replacement items, all brands must send them via a safe and secure postal solution. A signature from The Pommier staff is required to prove that the items arrived safely to us. We do not accept brands hand delivering items into our store as this will disrupt service. Disrupting service could result in your account being suspended.


8.4 Sellers must ship items to this address

Claire Naa / The Pommier

58 Neal Street




8.5 All items sent to our store become the property of The Pommier until your membership is paid in full.

For the purposes of insurance and to protect The Pommier against un paid memberships all items delivered to our store remain the property of The Pommier until your membership is paid in full.


8.6 Sellers can not take stock from our store without written consent

Once you ship items to our store, you can not at anytime take items from our store without written consent from us. We do not have to give consent and are under no obligation to do so. Sellers must not arrive in store at any time to take items away as this is a criminal offence of theft which will result in the local authorities being contacted against you and you account being suspended.


8.7 The Pommier do not ship items to customers or sellers

It is the sellers responsibility to collect items at the end of their membership from our retail store. It is the sellers responsibility to ship items to users. If it is agreed that The Pommier will ship an item on your behalf to a user we will charge the cost per shipping plus a £5 + VAT admin fee per item.


8.8 It is the sellers responsibility to pay all taxes and costs to ship items to our store

If you are shipping from outside of the EU, it is your responsibility to make sure all import taxes are paid. It is important to understand we are not buying your stock for resell, we are simply putting your products on display to advertise to users on your behalf. It is your event and you are responsible for getting your items to us safely and without any cost to us.


8.9 Sellers will have product and public liability insurance whilst in store

The Pommier cover sellers through our own insurance policies from thefts, fire and damages whilst your in-store membership is active and paid on time. It is important to note that when your membership is not paid on time or has ended you are not covered by our insurance policies. This applies to having items in storage pending your collection.


8.10 Sellers must not attend our store at anytime unless they have an appointment date and time in writing

It is important that our store staff are focused on serving our sellers therefor sellers must not arrive to our store without written confirmation of an appointment. Arriving in store without an appointment will cause disruption and you account will be suspended.


8.11 Advertising in store does not guarantee you sales

Like any other membership we offer, advertising items in our store does not guarantee you sales. Sales are determined by your products, their descriptions, their price and general demand. We will not tolerate any seller bribing, blackmailing or threatening our staff about but not limited to sales related questions.


8.12 We may give sellers feedback about their performance

If we can see clear negative or even positive effects about your brands reaction to users in store, we may pass this feedback onto you. It is your responsibility to action this advice or not. It is important to note, we are not liable to give you feedback or advice at anytime.

8.13 Sellers must clearly indicate on their own websites that their products are available for sale at our retail locations

Not all users want to purchase items online which is why sellers advertise in store. It is important that all sellers have a stockist page and list our address on their stockist pages so users know they can buy your items in person.


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