6.1 If a seller has an extremely high refund rate, its account will be suspended

Refund rate is the number of orders refunded over the total number of orders received during a time period. If this rate is extremely high, a seller will be suspended. A refund rate of less than 5% is normal.

6.2 Customer and staff abuse is not tolerated

Abusive behaviour and language towards The Pommier's staff and The Pommier's customers is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. If discovered, the sellers account will be suspended.


6.3 Asking a customer to pay outside of The Pommier is prohibited

If a seller asks a customer to pay them outside of The Pommier, their account will be suspended.


6.4 Directing a user off of The Pommier is prohibited

If a merchant directs a user off of The Pommier, their account will be suspended and they will be fined £300 + VAT. Directing a user could be but not limited to: providing the customer with your own website URL, social media handles, contact number, email address etc


6.5 You do not have consent to misuse users data in anyway

The Pommier's users have not opted in or requested for sellers to market information to them. Sellers must only use users data to fulfil the users requests of making and shipping items to them. Including information in packages that refer or mention your own website url, social media handles etc is considered marketing material and not only is it a breach of our agreement and considered directing users away from The Pommier it is also a breach in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) if the user is located inside of the EU. If it is discovered that you are misusing and marketing to our users without the users consent we will immediately suspend your account and transfer all information about the breach to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).


6.6 Asking a user for personal information is prohibited

If a seller asks a user for personal information such as payment information, email, etc, their account will be suspended.


6.7 Customer support issues are handled by you.

The sellers is the first point of contact in receiving customer support issues. Sellers must reply to user support queries relating to their product listings or orders within 1 business day or face their accounts being suspended.

Sellers must always communicate with our users via your dashboard chat feature.

if for any reason a user contacts you directly regarding a order on our website, you must notify us immediately and direct the customer back to our chat facility so that all correspondence and technical support between user and seller can be maintained by The Pommier


6.8 Technical support issues are handled by The Pommier

If a user requests technical help on how to use our facilities you should direct them to our contact us page as we would be the best point of contact to help.


6.9 Sellers must adhere to a fair usage policy for support

The Pommier provides its sellers with 5 free support messages per month. If a seller requires more than 5 messages from our support team, the seller agrees to pay £25 + VAT per response and agrees that the sum should be payable immediately.

We recommend that sellers check the Shop FAQ section in their dashboard before contacting support as most queries have been answered here.


6.10 The seller understands that The Pommier is a self serving advertising platform

The seller understands that The Pommier is a self serving advertising platform that provides facilities to make their products available for sale to its users. The Pommier are in no way liable to obtain you a sale or reach any anticipated or fabricated sales targets. We may from time to time publish documents that will help sellers to better optimize their product listings to convert into sales but it is the sellers responsibility to implement that advice or not.

The Pommier support team will not respond to queries relating to getting sales or reaching these targets set by the seller.


6.11 The seller must not bribe, incentivise or blackmail support for sales

We do not tolerate bribes, incentives or blackmail of any kind. If a seller is found doing this to its staff their account will be suspended.


6.12 The seller must not abuse, threaten or disrupt support staff at anytime.

If it is found that a seller is being abusing or threatening or purposely disrupting our support team and preventing them from fulfilling their duties to other sellers the seller will have their account suspended.

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