Who We Are

Not all accessories are created equal. At The Pommier we scour the globe for the best, boldest and most creative designers to bring you the accessories that matter. We want to put a world of design at your fingertips, curating only the most unique pieces for men and women.

The Pommier is a truly global marketplace connecting you with independent brands across the world. Immerse yourself in extraordinary cultures and places through accessories with stories to tell. 

We’re not just interested in beautiful accessories. We work only with designers that produce carefully crafted, ethical and sustainable objects. Serious style, attention to detail and affordability are all important parts of our curation process.

We specialise in sourcing independent and emerging designers, meaning you access the brightest new brands before anyone else. This fresh creative pool brings an energy and vibrancy to our accessories that sets The Pommier apart.

We connect buyers directly with design studios which means when shopping with The Pommier you are supporting emerging fashion talent. We’re proud to help shine a spotlight on the best new creatives around. 

The Pommier is a space for the fashion forward and never the fashion led. A space for the independent of mind and of spirit. A space for those who believe style rules are there to be broken.

Here accessories come out from the side-lines and become the main event.

Come join a fashion revolution. Explore the world in style with The Pommier.

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