• 18k Gold Plated Silver 'Connected' Necklace
  • 18k Gold Plated Silver 'Connected' Necklace
  • 18k Gold Plated Silver 'Connected' Necklace

Sally Lane Jewellery

18k Gold Plated Silver 'Connected' Necklace



About The Designer

Sally Lane Jewellery was founded in 2015 after creating a style of jewellery that matched the designers ambition within the work place; to succeed without emulating macho behaviour; to be Strong Yet Feminine.

Ultimately inspired by another woman in the industry, who left a very senior position to follow their dream of curating their own photography gallery, I decided to turn down a senior role in New York to finally dedicate 100% of my time to Sally Lane Jewellery in April this year.

Now the very brand essence is around women telling other women stories to inspire them to take an honest look at their life and make changes to make them happier and healthier.

The designs are Strong and also Feminine; bold but understated; wearing Sally Lane Jewellery empowers the wearer to do whatever they set out to achieve by reminding women of their own inner strength.

Designed for Strong Yet Feminine women, this bold and elegant jewellery centred around the triangle, is for the woman in control of her own destiny. Here two elegant triangles are interlocked to celebrate the strength of our most important relationships. 


19cm length chain drop, Pendant5cm W x 4cm H

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