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  • Drops Necklace
  • Drops Necklace
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Fortune & Frame

Drops Necklace



About The Designer

Fortune & Frame is a New York City-based jewelry line known for its handcrafted fortune lockets, fortune cookies and other inspired pieces.

Founded by designer Gretel Going, the original concept came about in 2011 when she came across an insightful fortune, shoved it behind a refrigerator magnet, and forgot about it. When the fortune kept falling on the floor, an idea was born. The resulting line relies on jewelry and accessories to bridge the gap between the value people place on fortunes and the lack of dedicated places to keep them.

Each collection introduces a new theme and narrative that unfolds through a series of lockets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other pieces.


Part of our Traps collection, the Drops Necklace represents the softer side of being lulled back by past temptations.

The trance-like state that allows you to forget everything that was bad and remember only what seemed good. It's vulnerable and trusts too much. It's hopeful that things will be different this time, yet deep down suspects they won't.

It has infallible instincts, which it inevitably choose to ignore. A dainty link chain adorned by 21 drops, the Drops Necklace is the fun part of falling in too deep.

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