• Ela Ebba Rock Ring
  • Ela Ebba Rock Ring
  • Ela Ebba Rock Ring
  • Ela Ebba Rock Ring
  • Ela Ebba Rock Ring


Ela Ebba Rock Ring



Every ring within the selection of Rock Rings is a one-off and its bespoke setting has been made uniquely by hand to capture each beautiful Flint rocks in all its natural glory. You will not find another ring the same in the world! Find your moment of peace whilst these million year old stones forged by the earth and set by hand, adorn you effortlessly.

Lost & Found was conceived whilst finding the time to just 'be'. What followed was an urge was to capture that moment in time, to appreciate surrounding beauty and raw natural materials, which are so often misplaced or disregarded. The selected stones, perfectly polished by nature, now freeze-framed and elevated in gold, creating a luxurious finish.

Our Lost & Found jewellery collection is made from ethically sourced, 100% recycled metal, pieces made by hand in England.

To keep your handmade jewellery looking its best, please apply all perfume, skin and hair products and leave to dry before putting on your jewellery. 

Lost & Found Flint rock, 22ct gold plated buff finish setting and 2.5mm adjustable ring shank.

Approximate stone height: 4cm. Approximate stone width: 2.5cm.

I will always endeavour to send items out within 3 working days of receiving an order but on the odd occasion the item is going to take longer, I will notify you via email.

United Kingdom


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