• Golden Mandala Ring
  • Golden Mandala Ring

Golden Mandala Ring


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About The Designer

The story of Anadala Jewelry, a compound of Anatolia and Mandala, comes from a spiritual journey through the abundant lands of northern Anatolia. These lands are home to the ancient Amazons, mythological daughters of Ares and Harmonia.

Our silver designs embody both strength and balance, artistry and mindfulness. Each piece of Anadala jewelry is handcrafted using traditional Anatolian techniques from coils of ultra fine pure silver wire woven into geometric forms.

Anadala is handmade by a women’s collective as a means of promoting female financial independence while preserving regional handcrafting traditions. We honor both the women who wear and the women who create Anadala’s timeless, exquisite pieces.

Handcrafted pure silver & silk earrings with gold plating. Each thin wire seen making up the chains is actually a coil with a silk thread inside it. Extremely thin pure silver wires coiled around a silk thread; then those coils are hand knitted into rings. 

Every single piece in this collection is produced by stitching. Each part of the jewelry is put together using cotton fibers coated with beeswax. No welding involved.


22k gold plated 999 silver & Silk.

We aim to ship your item in 3-5 working days.

UK and Europe - £18.00
Rest of the World - £27.00



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