• Helios Bracelet
  • Helios Bracelet
  • Helios Bracelet
  • Helios Bracelet

Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery

Helios Bracelet


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Brass Plated Gold
Sterling Silver

About The Designer

Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery was founded in May 2013 when Annabelle Lucilla won the Paul Podolsky Award.

Annabelle's fascination in intricate surface decoration and sculpture combine seamlessly when she transforms her hand drawn etchings into beautifully tactile, dynamic 3D narrative objects. Her luxurious textured surfaces mirror the feel of ancient treasures, with Annabelle drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations such as the Hellenistic period and Ancient Indian architecture. Annabelle is driven by reviving historical techniques which reflect the imperfections, textures, organic fissures and textures of times past.

Inspired by the Greek God of the sun, ‘Helios’, who pulled the sun across the sky with his horse-drawn chariot and who wore a crown of sun rays, this collection celebrates the long summer days and adds a touch of the exotic to everyday life. Inspired by the ancient Hellenistic lifestyle, this collection evokes an ancient aesthetic, mirroring the feel of treasures that have just been unearthed.

This beautiful bracelet has been intricately hand crafted. Each sphere has been made individually and soldered on to create a radiating pattern, mimicking the sun's rays. A round Belcher chain gently secures the Helios charm

Heavy 18ct Gold Plated Brass or Plain Sterling Silver

Helios charm approx. 3cm wide, total length of bracelet: 17.5cm, with an adjustment at 16.5cm

As every item is carefully hand made in my London Studio, delivery time takes up to 2 weeks.

Each item is packaged in one of Annabelle's beautiful blue boxes with her embossed gold logo and comes complete with a care label.

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