• Karkaro Knuckle Duster
  • Karkaro Knuckle Duster

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Karkaro Knuckle Duster



About The Designer

FERA Jewellery was born out of a fascination for the alchemical properties of metal and gemstones, an intrinsic curiosity for the magic, the rituals and the mythology in many cultures

We create hand crafted modern day talismans; an artistic expression of the mystical in our everyday lives. Powerful pieces full of symbolism that make a bold fashion statement brought into a context within the world of fashion accessories.

FERA Jewellery draws inspiration from esoteric beliefs and the metaphysical world; global wanderings, the beauty of natures creations, ancient spiritualism and the search for a deeper connection

Double finger ring knuckleduster; the FERA interpretation of the Karkaro, a protective amulet worn by Tuareg tribesmen in the Desert. With grains of sand or pieces of scripture sealed inside, the traditional Karkaro protects against 'Kel Essuf' which are spirits of wild , deserted spaces

Chunky and solid, this is a real statement piece that is comfortable to wear and adds a tough edge to any look.

Brushed silver

One Size - UK N/O

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