• Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace
  • Loops Necklace


Loops Necklace


Emerald green
Sapphire blue
Ruby red
Rush orange
Neon Pink
Neon yellow
Pastel blue
Pastel pink
Blush purple
Pastel grey

About The Designer

Founded in 2008, Saloukee is the self-built boutique jewellery brand of British designer, Sarah Kelly.

Influenced by both historical and contemporary haute couture, Saloukee offers wearers chic style with an up-to-the-minute edge. The brand has launched a number of collections, which include a range of handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Saloukee specialises in bespoke pieces that challenge conventional perceptions of what jewellery is, how it should look and what it should be crafted from.

 All jewellery collections cleverly mastering the art of combining non-traditional materials with minimalistic design to ensure that every jewel is striking yet completely wearable.

Loops is a durable and perfectly on-trend statement necklace designed with an emphasis on simplicity and fastened with a hand thread bound toggle.

Strands was conceived through an urge to create pieces of beautiful jewellery which had an elegant, adorning presence and a return to dexterity during making. Each necklace is uniquely woven and dyed entirely by hand without the involvement of any machinery. The outcomes though may look complex come from traditional hand-weaving techniques, given a contemporary twist through a vibrant colour palette.

To keep your handmade jewellery looking its best, please apply all perfume, skin and hair products and leave to dry before putting on your jewellery.

Each piece is unique, individually hand knitted using thread bound yarn, and coloured by hand using a neon, bright and pastel colour palette.

Approximate length 65cm, approximate knit width 3cm.

I will always endeavour to send items out within 3 working days of receiving an order but on the odd occasion the item is going to take longer, I will notify you via email.

United Kingdom


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