• Mini Sequin & Birthstone Necklace
  • Mini Sequin & Birthstone Necklace
  • Mini Sequin & Birthstone Necklace

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Mini Sequin & Birthstone Necklace


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About The Designer

XISSJEWELLERY, combines contemporary design with a relaxed, effortless everyday style and uses sterling silver, 14ct gold and precious stones to produce jewellery that has a modern silhouette with a feminine edge.
In a world of fast fashion and trend driven accessories, our design philosophy is all about creating timeless jewellery with a quiet sense of luxury. We believe that every piece of jewellery tells a story and aim to create jewellery that when worn everyday becomes an intrinsic part of your style.
XISSJEWELLERY uses the finest materials, with an emphasis on texture, quality and finish.
Our latest collection, 'Shadow Dancer' is inspired by the play of light and the shadows it casts, silver and gold is set with different tones of diamonds and sapphires to emphasise light and shade and the jewellery moves, spins and dances as you wear it.

This beautiful silver sequin pendant has a hammered finish that plays with the light that adds shine and sparkle to the piece. 

Personalise it with one of our birthstone charms. 

Birthstones are steeped in history and full of meaning, wearing the birthstone associated with the months of your birth is thought to bring you luck and protection. 

This sequin and birthstone necklace will come with a meaning card making it the perfect gift. 

BIRTHSTONES (from left to right in image)

  • JANUARY: Garnet (5mm) - loyalty, honesty and passion
  • FEBRUARY: Amethyst (5mm) - calm and serenity
  • MARCH: Aquamarine (3mm) - happiness and courage
  • APRIL: Rock Crystal (5mm) - strength and love
  • MAY: Emerald (3mm) - serenity and prosperity
  • JUNE: Pearl (3mm) - faithfulness and friendship
  • JULY: Ruby (3mm) - friendship and love
  • AUGUST: Peridot (5mm) - success and luck
  • SEPTEMBER: Sapphire (3mm) - loyalty and trust
  • OCTOBER: Tourmaline (3mm) - healing and kindness
  • NOVEMBER: Citrine (5mm) - success and strength
  • DECEMBER: Turquoise (5mm) - imagination and happiness

Material: Sterling Silver 925

Length: 18 inches

Pendant: 10mm


Your jewellery will arrive beautifully packaged in a cotton bag and gift box. The cotton bag is perfect for storing your jewellery in when you are not wearing it and it's also great to pack your jewellery in when you are off on your travels. 





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Please allow 10-14 days for delivery

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