• Pearl of London - Tigers Eye
  • Pearl of London - Tigers Eye
  • Pearl of London - Tigers Eye
  • Pearl of London - Tigers Eye

Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery

Pearl of London - Tigers Eye



About The Designer

Tessa Metcalfe was born in Hackney, London where she spent her childhood watching pigeons and developed a deep fascination for the birds.

The Homage collection celebrates 'finding beauty in the gutter'. Inspired by the city of London, the foot of a pigeon is transformed into a beautiful talisman of fine art jewellery. Cast entirely from pigeons feet found from the city's road kill Tessa creates narrative jewellery.

The feral pigeons roam the city's streets looking for their precious jewels. Protected in this birds grasp is a tigers eye that she endlessly spins between her golden claws. The tigers eye stone is ideal for spinning with the caramel optical illusion of the surface making the smooth ball appear to hover. The solid silver claws have hand-painted plated-gold nails adding that touch of human personality to the bird. The warm smooth stone stands inside the gold and silver cage of claws enclosing it ready to be turned at your finger tips and ideal for plotting.

Solid silver, gold plated detail and 10mm tigers eye.

Most of Tessa Metcalfe's Jewellery is Made to Order and can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to be dispatched.

Our Pigeon Jewellery is lovingly packaged in TM's signature hallmark designed boxes with a wax sealed thank-you card.

United Kingdom


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