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Scorpio Astrology Ring



About The Designer

Yasmin Everley is a young British designer, born and bred in Camden, London. Yasmin has been surrounded by jewellery for longer than she can remember, working alongside her mother, also a jewellery designer, since the age of eleven has inevitably influenced her own designs. However, her degree in Classical Studies, combined with a love of the late 18th and early 19th century – the age of exploration and excavation – has provided Yasmin's main source of inspiration.

Her collections include Entomology, Typography and Astrology. Her jewellery is all made from polished Sterling Silver and oxidised solid Sterling Silver, embellished with pure gold and precious stones.

In Ancient Greek myth, the great hunter Orion saw the seven daughters of Altas and Pleione and pursued them with desire. They cried out to Zeus for help so he transformed the sisters into the stars known as the Pleiades and caused a scorpion to kill Orion. Scorpio was then placed as their protector in the stars.

The ring has split shoulders supporting two tiny black diamonds which represent the infinite darkness of the unknown. In the centre, a circle - considered by the Ancient Greeks to be the most geometrically perfect shape – and within it a cluster of the stars accurately forms the constellation, suspended in space by a delicate wire.

15mm diameter x up to 2mm thick.

Sterling Silver

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