• Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker
  • Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker
  • Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker
  • Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker
  • Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker
  • Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker

Sinner – Carnival Wonderland Choker


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Choker Width
Choker Length
925 Sterling Silver

CarterGore helps you build a collection of jewellery that actually means something. That makes a statement. That’s got its own something to say. So, whether that’s a piece from our ‘Tattoo Candy’ collection, which is grounded in the roots of traditional tattoo artworks or our ‘Carnival Wonderland’ collection, which strips everything back to give a fearlessly minimal message without the background noise; each and every piece has been precisely crafted to represent you. Yeah, you. And your brilliantly complicated cocktail of styles.


Carnival Wonderland 

One word. It’s amazing what you can say with just one word to leave a clear, unapologetic impression of your individuality and style. Just one word, immortalised in a true Carnival aesthetic and inscribed into solid silver jewellery. Fresh, contemporary, no messing around.

Layer them up. Build your own story.
Find the piece that talks your talk. 

Thin Width Choker 
Sterling Silver 7.5 x 1.5mm (letter height 4.5mm) 

Medium Width Choker 
Sterling Silver 10 x 1.5mm (letter height 7.0mm) 

Thick Width Choker 
Sterling Silver 12.5 x 1.5mm (letter height 9.5mm) 

Choker sizes: 
Small - 260mm blank length 
Medium - 280mm blank length 

For larger sizes please contact us at the store. 

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We aim to dispatch your item in 1- 5 working days.


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About The Designer

CarterGore is an artful mash up of classic, old school inspirations, the timeless grit and integrity of true craftsmanship and just the right kick of attitude brings to life CarterGore’s collection of solid silver and 9ct gold jewellery. For pieces with personality that will stand the grind of time.

Take a look at CarterGore's 'iconic' signature pieces from their Tattoo Candy collection: some are available as mini size pendants, all are available as small and/or large pendants; long and short drop single earrings, and single charm chokers. If one iconic charm isn't enough check out our Sugar Skull themed triple charm choker. Whatever you choose...

Keep it clean and make a statement. Or Layer them up and tell a story.

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